Of Childhood Friendships And Jubilant Kids

As a child, whenever I’d make new friends, I’d come home to tell my mother all about them. She would listen, while ironing clothes, or helping me with homework. Once I was done, she’d ask their last names, to mentally figure out their castes. Probably to tell me to get closer or stay away from them. Only, she never did!

But her expressions changed with each of my answers.

May be she had no ill intentions.
May be she had no intention at all.
May be it was just curiosity.
Like now, we ask people for their interests and/or profession when we first meet them.

I don’t know if it affected me in any way.
I’d like to believe it didn’t.
But a few days back, this memory came crawling from nowhere, and left me wondering if you were also asked similar questions by your parents.

This post was written for Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

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